About The Spooktique

The Spooktique ® is a horror fragrance company based on the Pembrokeshire Coast. We create horror-themed wax melts, room sprays, and body products; bringing killer scents to your home, 365 days a year. 




Jess - Founder, Designer, Creator

As the creator of The Spooktique, I'm hands-on in every aspect of its existence. It's me who thinks up the products and their weirdly wonderful descriptions, me who creates and tests every product around my own home, and me who packs all your orders, answers your emails and messages, and manages our social media accounts. The Spooktique is a true extension of my self, embodying my love of the horror genre. 
My aim for The Spooktique started small: I just wanted a decent pumpkin spice wax melt in summer! In 2020 I started making my own, experimenting not only with new scents, with with different designs and techniques as well. I soon felt the pull towards sharing my new-found art form, and so as 2021 began, so did my journey with The Spooktique. Now here we are, with a following full of horror addicts, and nearly 100 scents to choose from, each inspired by elements of all our favourite horrors. 
The Spooktique's aim today (alongside the perfect pumpkin spice wax melt) is to combine my love of horror with our killer scent collection; helping bring your passion for horror into your home. 


Ray - Inspiration, Motivational Speaker, Creative-Thinker

Like many small businesses, family is at the heart of The Spooktique. I could never create or build any of this alone, and right next to me at all times is my biggest supporter - my partner, Ray. As a lover and a writer of all things horror, Ray is the perfect sounding board for all my ideas. 
He's the one who helps to join the dots on all my mad plans, encourages me to create, to build, and to grow, and provides a much and often needed bit of clarity as I fire off thirty different ideas at a time. He is also our valued proof-reader, fact-checker, tea-maker, and occasional order-packer in our busiest periods.
Without Ray, The Spooktique would simply be a dream, far off in the distance of my mind; he is my biggest supporter and always helps to harness my creativity, transforming it into all that you see here in shop of horrors. 

Mina and Pluto - Quality Control 

The Spooktique strives for the highest quality of products across our ranges. We use natural waxes all our melts and candles, vegan, non-toxic bases in our sprays and diffusers, and premium, cruelty-free fragrances in all our products. Everything is hand-poured in small batches and tested by us, at our home. But, of course, with every new range we produce we need to test its durability, and here is where Mina and Pluto come in.
Our four-legged friends are always on hand during our testing phase to ensure our products survive high-impact drops off of the kitchen counter and onto the floor - those that don't, can then be found in our Frankenstein's Monster Boxes. They also specialise in testing all of our packing options to ensure we use only the best types of boxes to ship your orders securely. They are The Spooktique's very own familiars and are highly valued members of the team.


The Spooktique specialises in cruelty free home fragrances with a twist. Every product is designed to with our favourite horrors in mind, allowing you to bring your love for the genre into your home.  

So, what does this look like?

Across our range you'll find a love of all things horror. We combine those deliciously dark tones with flashes of neon colour, emulating the styles of our favourite scary movies, bright red blood and all. 
Amongst these designs, you'll see a passion for difference, with wax melts adored with Pennywise's red balloons or imbedded with Annie Wilkes' axe, and vessels with a readjusted purpose to bring you unique room sprays fit for the spookiest of homes. 

In everything we do, we bring our love of horror with us, using our killer fragrance collection to help you express your love for the horror genre throughout your home.