The Spooktique's Horror Movie Recommendations 2022/23

Every year our team at The Spooktique put out more than just horror wax melts; we're building the ultimate horror movie recommendation list. Each year we put together a list of our favourite scary movies, voting to narrow them down until we reach the final few that make their way on to the horror recommendation cards you'll find in all your orders.

Here are the choices we made for 2022 - 23...


 YOU’RE NEXT (2011)

We think you’ll love:

 - Badass, resourceful final girl material

- Genuine jump scares

- Creative kills

Recommended by: Jess



You're Next 2011 Movie Poster Horror Recommendations

THE THING (1982)

We think you’ll love:

 We think you’ll love:

 - Fantastic practical effects

- Incredible setting

- Kurt Russell

Recommended by: Ray


The Thing 1982 Horror Movie Recommendation


We think you’ll love:

- Well placed humour

- Sassy and capable main character

- Inventive deaths (over and over again)

 Recommended by: Jess

Happy Death Day 2017 Horror Movie Recommendation


We think you’ll love:

- Deliciously gorgeous cinematography

- Compelling feminist narrative

- Black Phillip!

Recommended by: Ray

 The Witch 2015 Horror Movie Recommendation


We think you’ll love:

 - Incredible scenery

- Sweet. firey revenge

- Excellent drinking-game potential (for details check out our website blog!)

 Recommended by: Jess

 Midsommar 2019  Horror Movie Recommendation


We think you’ll love:

- Entirely believable characters

- Disturbing and effective scares

- One of the most striking monster designs in horror cinema

Recommended by: Ray

The Ritual 2017  Horror Movie Recommendation


Got any recs for 2023/24? Leave us a comment below!

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