Midsommar Drinking Game

Calling all horror addicts 🚨🚨 Are you ready for some serious fun this mid-summer? If you answered yes, then we have just the thing for you!

Last summer, when the sun was blazing in the sky, and idea was concocted by The Spooktique Team and a few of their greatest friends. A movie night was scheduled, and with it, a drinking game took place. 

The movie? Ari Aster's fantastic folk horror flick, Midsommar (2019). 
The game? Simple but effective, and included below for your enjoyment.

Now, take a shot if you're addicted to horror...

This could get messy.

Midsommar Drinking Game

Drink whenever...
1. Dani cries 😭
2. Anyone says "May Queen" (she may walk alone, but you won't be drinking alone)
3. Someone dies (drink for each person) 💀
4. Christian is a d*ck 🍆
5. You see the yellow hut ⚠️

Down your drink when...
6. The May Queen is crowned 👑🌸
7. A certain someone gets what he deserves 🔥🐻🔥


"In thanks and praise, Great Goddess, we bestow upon you this modest gift." - Midsommar (2019)

Midsommar Drinking Game - Mural Folk Paintings

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