How to Use Wax Melts

If you've come to The Spooktique out of a love for all things horror (rather than a home fragrance addiction) you may be left wondering just what it is that we create. 

Alongside our Room Sprays and Whipped Body Butters, our best selling range is our Horror Wax Melts

Our horror wax melt range is made from premium soy wax, and high quality, cruelty-free fragrance oils, and are designed for use in tealight and electric wax warmers. 

To use your wax melt, simply break off a piece and place it into your wax warmer. 

If you're using a tealight burner, place a 4 hour unscented tealight underneath the wax dish. 

Once your tealight candle is lit under the wax dish, or electric burner turned on, your wax melt will start to melt and release its fragrance. 

You can reuse your wax melt until the scent has faded; once faded, remove the wax residue, and add a new melt. 

Wax Melt Safety

While The Spooktique aims to provide an immersive horror fragrance experience, death, danger, and destruction are not something we like to feature! Using your wax melts safely is as essential as a horror movie on a rainy day. 

Here are our top tips for wax melt safety:

  • Always use an approved wax warmer, with enough distance between the top of the flame and the base of the wax dish to ensure it isn't getting too hot.
  • Ensure your wax warmer is placed in a stable position, on a clear surface, away from any drafts or flammable objects.
  • Do not leave your wax warmer on for extended periods of time. We recommend a maximum 4 hour usage, and a 4 hour tealight to match. 
  • Never leave a wax warmed on and unattended. Always put it out or turn it off before leaving the room. 
  • Always keep your wax melts out of reach of children and pets. 

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